helixee the intelligent and connected hard disk drive

helixee® is the first intelligent and connected external hard drive, which automatically saves the contents of all your devices: tablets, computers and smartphones. helixee is an easy-to-use home personal cloud or NAS server.

Easy to install and use

helixee can be installed in minutes and from any device. Let yourself be guided by simple and intuitive applications

Secures your data

All the data stored on helixee is encrypted, and partitioned by user thanks to multiple account

Highly private network

helixee is the only device with a real private social network : invite your people to exchange, love, comment and share on helixee, personal data (photos, videos, documents) : it's totally safe!.

Connected in Wi-Fi

other similar devices need a wired connection.

Truly Silent

helixee does not contain a fan,
you can place it anywhere you want.

Nomadic by nature

helixee generate its own Wi-Fi access point while traveling, to continue backing up your data securely.

Automated backups

All the content from your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers, is automatically saved wirelessly

With helixee, you can back up locally the data and files of the folders and directories from your computers. It also allows you to save photos, videos and contacts from your smartphones and tablets. With helixee, you have a personal multi-user cloud, where everyone can save their device data in a completely private space.

Your private social network

Share your contents safely, with whoever you desire by creating some private spheres on your helixee

In order to safely share your data with your loved ones or colleagues, we invented the spheres. Each user of your helixee can create spheres, add photos or other files, and share spheres with one or more users of this helixee. Like, comment, it's your private social network, and it stays at home or at the office.

Remote access

Access all your data from any of your devices or, thanks to your ID and password, from a web browser

If you're not near your helixee, you can continue to access your photos, pdf, contacts, the iOS and Android mobile app for your smartphones and tablets, or the helixee web app from a simple Internet browser on your computers connected to the Internet.

A better organization

Your data is automatically sorted by device, type and date, but you can also consult your data with the same tree view from each of your devices.

Your helixee automatically backs up your data by keeping the tree of each of your devices, so you are not lost, your directories are in the same place as your computers. But there's more, since your helixee centralises and classifies all your data by file type. You can find in one place all photos from all your smartphones, tablets and computers. A search engine and a filter tool by device and by date allow you to find a file or a photo quickly.

Easy to install, easy to use

Install helixee in minutes and enjoy all its features on an easy to use application available on all your devices

Installing helixee is a breeze because you just need to go to http://helixee.me/setup and follow the instructions for each step. When your helixee is successfully installed and you have created your Novathings account, you will be prompted to download the helixee app on each of your devices. At Novathings, you only have one app to install per device to take advantage of all the features of your helixee.

Encrypted data and patented technology

For maximum security, all the data saved and shared on helixee is encrypted on its integrated hard drive

All data transfers between your helixee and your devices are secured with HTTPs and sFTP protocols. In addition, each saved file is encrypted on helixee and a unique encryption key is created for each file. No ID or password is stored on your devices. Finally, for remote access to your helixee, Novathings has avoided the UPnP protocol, recognized as at risk and yet used by a lot of connected objects and some connected hard drives and other NAS. At Novathings, we have developed and patented our own remote access technology, which is fully secure and compatible with all types of devices, operating systems and web browsers.

Designed and made in France

Novathings belongs to the French Tech , so we have decided to design and start manufacturing helixee in France


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