helixee the intelligent and connected hard disk drive

helixee® is the first connected hard disk, which automatically backs up the contents of all your devices: tablets, computers and smartphones.

Easy to install and use

helixee can be installed in minutes and from any device. Let yourself be guided by simple and intuitive applications

Secures your data

All the data stored on helixee is encrypted, and partitioned by user thanks to multiple account

Highly private network

helixee is the only device with a real private social network : invite your people to exchange, love, comment and share on helixee, personal data (photos, videos, documents) : it's totally safe!.

Connected in Wi-Fi

other similar devices need a wired connection.

Truly Silent

helixee does not contain a fan,
you can place it anywhere you want.

Nomadic by nature

helixee generate its own Wi-Fi access point while traveling, to continue backing up your data securely.